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creativepaperandtimeyclocks asked:

((Dude I want a rp where kimi discovers tony and paige but both of them were killed and are now like anamatronics themselves and shit and oooh I want it so bad)

kimithesketchpad answered:

((Then let’s do it!))
*kimi received an invitation to a place called “Pizza Time” to join Tony and Paige for some arcades and fun. It was also mentioned as haunted because some freak accidents in the past when it used to be Freddy Fazbears Pizza. The get together was that night at 10pm. The invitation showed that the place closed at 9pm but kimi didn’t seem to notice. She was already aiming for a good time since she hasn’t seem either of them in a month. She put on some comfy casual clothes and headed out. Her favorite jams blared out her car windows as she drove down the highway. The closer she got to the place the fuzzier her radio reception. Suddenly when she pulled to the place her radio died. She was okay with it because she rather hear the voice of her husband. She got out of the car and locked the door. The radio turned on and started playing the Freddy theme. Kimi didn’t notice over he excitement to the inviting brightly lit building. Once she walked in there was no one there. She thought maybe they rented the whole building for a private party? Hmmm…she had in investigate. She walked through the isles of games. All blinking and making binks and bonks* Tony? ……..Paige? Are you guys here?















No reply to kimi was hered. Just the pinging and the ponging of the games. As the stage grew closer and closer, there was an uneasy feeling in the air. The curtains hiding the anamatronic characters was closed but the eyes of the loved characters glowed brightly. Something was definently not right.

*Kimi felt scared and started to walk towards the door* maybe they forgot….*she muttered* they’re probably closing down for the night so I better leave…*she went to push the door open but it was already locked.she tried shaking it recklessly. Still wouldn’t budge*

Paiges laugh could be hered suddenly. All the games went quiet as if they were turned off

"WhErE a-aRe yOu gOinG, kImI~?"

No sight of her though. Something was very off. Paiges voice sounded like that of a robot, with a hint of her original tone.

P-paige…..? *she turned to look and see nothing but a closed stage with glowing peepers behind it* Paige where are you? 

More laughter

It was coming from the wide open door, the backstage room. Another laugh followed paiges. A lower pitch, tony.

"Come f-f-find us!"

*she lightly grinned* Oh you guys! I bet you got a private tour of the place! *she said as she was walking through the door* What kind of pizzer did you guys get I’m- *her body froze and her face widened with horror*

Paige and tony were standing next to each other. The sight was quite gruesom. Blood leaked from every place it could, metal replaced any sort of skin. Sparks flew from the bodies of the newly made anamatronics. Tony. He was the same. Shoved inside this metal version of his own body, crammed in so tight that, if not for the dark of the room, would have made an ordinary person throw up. Grins appeared on their faces as they spoke

"My DarlInG k-kiMi…"


"H-hEy wHAts up ~?"

Get out of here.

Those words followed their electronic voices in a wisper.

*kimi gasped and choked on tears* T-tony…………p-paig-e… *she knew she was commanded to run but her feet started to trace her closer to them. her shoes stained with puddles of blood each step echoed the empty realm with sloshing* n-no……..

Tony stepped forward. He smiled and opened his arms wide

"C-comE… cOmE and JoIn uS dEaR"

Get away from me!

"Y-yeAh! W-we hAvE a sUit fOr you too~♥

Please just go!

The wispers got louder, and it was obvious they were in pain, paige was smiling widely, but really she looked fake.

Save us…

*she started crying* ….what happened to you?! *her heart ached her husband,her friend now robots. The voices scared her,confused her* how can I save you?

Both tony and paige turned to look at each other and laughed together in the same tone.

"Oh SillY, yOu cAnT sAVe uS… "

The two said in unison. They began to step closer to kimi.

"KiMi dEAr… iT sEeMs yOuRe oUt oF cOstUme.."

Run! Now!

The voices were dying slowly, being replaced…

*her eyes widened and she turned around quickly and darted out of the room. The games turned on and their volumes were at a piercing loud sound. they screeched and screamed with distorted music and sounds. the lights flickered in strobes. Kimi panted as her legs raced her further up front*

Paige and tony made their way to follow her, their clanking louder than the games. The curtains on the stage were now wide open, and two of the three usual characters were gone.

Tony and paige gave up and walked off , hearing the sound of the clock striking one.

*all the lights turned off in the building. The only light projected was from the dim street light outside. The door propped open. It was the only way to escape. But….she didn’t want to leave Tony nor Paige. Not like this…her heart started aching about it again…this was a nightmare a truly devastating experience. She started crying again as she started to walk towards the door* I’m sorry Paige…I-m…I’m sorry Tony.. *she looked down at her wedding ring and choked on her tears* I don’t wanna leave you guys…not like this…